Youth Testimonials:

“In the beginning I thought that I wouldn’t like Rebound but after the first week I really started to enjoy coming to group.” M

“I really enjoyed the guest speakers and learning about the law.” J

“I really liked Youth Diversion. I liked the people and the volunteers. There were all helpful and supportive. They made me feel like I can be myself. I loved the Program to pieces and I would love to come back to help other young people”. C

“The Diversion Program made me realize that the choices we make in life can really alter our future. I really enjoyed the volunteers! They were unique, caring, and supportive”. M

“I liked the guest speakers because they really opened up and shared their personal experiences with us.” A

“What I really liked about the Youth Diversion program was the positive volunteers, the guest speakers, and the valuable information that was discussed about life choices.” L

“I loved the Program! The Coaches were great and I learned a lot! I recommend this Program to anyone.” B

“The Rebound Program was a life changing experience. It taught me many new ways to cope with my problems in life. I also really liked the guest speakers.” K


Volunteer Testimonials:

“I really enjoyed volunteering with Youth Diversion because the staff, the youth, and the volunteers were all supportive and dedicated people.” Ayla

“As a new volunteer with the Essex County Diversion Program, I wasn’t sure what to expect; however, volunteering for the Rebound Life Choices Program turned out to be a great experience. The Program really does change lives by providing participants with new skills to make positive changes in their lives.” David

“From my experience as a Table Coach, I feel that the Rebound Program is an amazing experience for both youth and volunteers. This Program provides youth with the opportunity to become better educated and gives them the skills to learn from their mistakes and have a brighter future.” Christine.

“Thursday night is my favourite night of the week! All of the youth in Rebound are excellent kids that just need a push in right direction. I’m proud to be a part of their journey to success.” Kaitlynn


Parent Testimonials:

“Four months into his high school career we were devastated to learn our fourteen year old son had become involved in drug use. This was affecting his behaviour, his school work, his social interactions and his physical well being. Thankfully we caught the problem early and were referred to the Essex County Diversion Program. With the program they’ve developed and the care and devotion of both his case worker and the director; our son was able learn the skills he needed to make better choices and see the long term consequences of his decisions. The Staff at Youth Diversion and their resource of community leaders were able to connect with him on a level of reality that no amount of parental punishment or lecturing would even come close to making a difference. Through assignments, research, counselling, community service and accountability this wonderful program was able to change the path of a young man who otherwise might have become a statistic. Two years later our son has guided other kids through tough times with the knowledge he gained at the Essex County Diversion Program. We are eternally grateful for the life changing help we received at the ECDP and know our son will go on to do great things in his life because of this.” Steven and Julie