Rebound Life Choices

The Rebound Life Choices program, a 10 week social skills program, is designed to meet the needs of youth by utilizing a variety of evidence-based practices that promote and encourage personal growth. Program facilitators utilize interactive activities, behaviour rehearsals, guest speakers and video clips to illustrate the weekly topics, changing program stimuli every 20 minutes to attend to a variety of learning styles.

Rebound Life Choices addresses youth who show signs of being at-risk of dropping out of school, being in trouble with the law, or having difficulties with parent/teen interactions. Youth experiencing any of the aforementioned difficulties and/or personal struggles, whether with self-esteem or good decision making, Rebound Life Choices is an opportunity for the youth in our community to identify their strengths and to learn constructive tools to deal with the situations and challenges that they may encounter in their lives. Participants leave the program with a positive attitude, improved problem solving skills, a better understanding of self and others, and the realization that they are responsible for their behavior.


Weekly topics include: 

• Communication skills
• Decision making
• Goal setting
• Teamwork
• Anger management
• Peer pressure/self-respect
• Drug awareness
• Bullying and
• The law and justice.



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