Strengthen Our Youth,


Strengthen Their Future

Strengthen Our Youth,

Strengthen Their Future.

Vision and Mission


An accessible community leader positively impacting all youth.


Supporting all youth to make positive life decisions through preventative services, education, and encouragement.

    Help YD help youth strengthen themselves in order to strengthen their futures.

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    By providing timely and effective prevention and intervention services to children and youth ages 6 – 18, Youth Diversion seeks to hold youth accountable for their actions while offering opportunities for them to address underlying issues contributing to their at-risk behaviour. Programs focus on assisting youth to develop self-respect, responsibility and appropriate problem-solving skills while empowering young boys and girls to create, maintain, and improve their upon their decision-making in a positive way.

    Facts and Figures

    8,800young people served through YD’s various programs and presentations

    87%success rate for youth referred by police.

    81%success rate for youth referred by the Courts.

    13.1%of referrals to Outreach Program were by schools.

    22.3%of referrals to Outreach were by community partners.

    88%of expenses for 2019/2020 were towards service delivery.

    Information for Educators & Community Partners

    In addition to accepting referrals from the Police and Courts, Youth Diversion accepts referrals from the community for children and youth ages 6 – 18, including but not limited to school administrators/teachers, community partners and parents. 
    Additionally, Youth Diversion conducts presentations on a range of topics as a means to raise awareness and education on subject matters relevant to youth. Contact a Youth Diversion designate to book a presentation today!

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