Community Presentations

Youth Diversion is proud to offer a series of educational presentations to its community. The presentations focus on awareness and knowledge translation of risk factors as well as prevention and management strategies for specific topics associated with social media and (cyber)bullying. The presentations are tailored to each group based on audience size, location, volume of requests and staffing availability. Check out our Testimonials to here feedback on our presentations.

Available presentations:

#keepyourprivatesprivate (#KYPP)
Youth Diversion knows abstinence from the Internet is not an option but we can educate youth to practice safe social media. By understanding how young people use the Internet, the risks they face and the strategies to manage risks, we can help enable youth to enjoy the best of the online world. As such, Youth Diversion has modified its presentation series to address the dangers and consequences associated with age and gender-specific online interests of children and youth.

The presentations explore a variety of issues such as:

• digital citizenship
• cyberbullying
• passwords
• media balance
• peer & self-exploitation
• self-esteem
• respect for self & others
• consent

#keepsyourprivatesprivate presentation series is broken into 4 separate presentations:

• #KYPP Primary (grades 1 – 3)
 #KYPP Junior (grades 4 – 6)
#KYPP (grades 7 +)
• #KYPP Adapted (for young adults with intellectual disabilities)

Beyond Bullying
The Beyond Bullying presentations are designed to help youth understand the risks involved to self and others as they pertain to bullying. Youth are introduced to the different forms of bullying (physical, verbal, social, and cyber bullying), in order to expand awareness of their own actions, as well as educate them about the legal consequences and the far reaching impact that bullying can have. Action plans and tips for dealing with bullying are provided to youth who have been on the receiving end of such behaviours. The goal of this presentation is to educate youth to use alternative methods to resolve problems rather than using bullying behaviours and provide education on bullying, bias based offenses and hate crimes.

Beyond Bullying is split into 2 presentations:
• Beyond Bullying JR (grades 6 – 8)
• Beyond Bullying (grades 9 +)

See Different
The See Different Workshop is intended to support students in valuing and embracing diversity and inclusion.
Workshops are facilitated by Youth Diversion, include student handouts and a corresponding
presentation that includes multi-media resources (e.g. videos, images, Kahoot).

See Different covers the following topics:
• diversity
• identity
• power
•  privilege
• allyship
• equality vs. equity

By the end of the two-day workshop, students will be able to define and identify personal bias, potentially held stereotypes, prejudices, and acts of discrimination. They will develop a critical awareness of how these beliefs and behaviours can be deconstructed and altered to work towards ending exclusionary and hurtful situations and environments. They will learn strategies to challenge their personal biases.

2 day in-class workshop, 45 – 60 min in length
Fee: $150.00


The Good, the Bad & the Ugly – Social Media and Your Kids
This presentation focuses on the benefits, risks and impact of social media on children and youth. This presentation helps parents recognize what an internet addiction is and how to watch for warning signs in their child(ren). In addition, topics discussed throughout this presentation are social media and it’s correlation to pornography, sexting, cyberbullying, human trafficking and risks of internet dating. Overall, this presentation educates parents about the digital footprint that we leave behind when visiting various sites and apps as well as the overall effects social media and the internet have on our mental and physical health.

By booking Youth Diversion to provide a presentation, you will receive:

    • Knowledgeable staff who can relate to youth
    • Dynamic presentations geared towards your audience
    • Customized, educational and exciting material geared towards various styles of learning
    • Staff with a skill set and knowledge base reflective of pertinent issues that affect today’s youth
    • Receive comprehensive resources on various subject matters relevant to youth, parents and educators alike

Please contact Joanna Conrad for additional information, scheduling, and pricing at (519) 253-3340 ext. 225.

Presentation Request

To schedule a presentation, please fill out the presentation request form. When you submit your form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail after which Youth Diversion staff will assess your details and contact you within two business days to discuss the necessary arrangements. You can also download the form here: Presentation Request Form and submit it to or by fax 519-253-6476

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Southwood Public School – Vice Prinicpal – Beyond Bullying Gr. 6-8

“…I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your partnership and hard work. We know that our students will be safer online and in person because you have helped prepare them with valuable information and insight into the impacts of our actions and decisions.”

St. Jean Baptise B.B. Gr. 6-8 – CYC 

“…the presentation was very age appropriate and talked at a level (students) understood. They felt it was very current and informative, and some of the staff shared that they learned about new bullying types that they hadn’t learned about in the past. The classes were able to have long discussions the following day and another teacher was able to take words right from the presentation and apply it directly in the class regarding chirping. She really loved the terminology that was used…and said she found it very helpful and informative.

Thanks again for the presentation!”

Ecole St. Michele – Beyond Bullying Gr. 6-8 – CYC

“…On behalf of the students and staff for this excellent presentation. This group has told me they will bring any questions and worries they may have to me for follow up… please know your work is vital.”

Lajeunesse – Beyond Bullying Beyond Bullying. Gr. 9 – CYC

“… It was great! I spoke with the principals and they both agreed that it was well done and the message was very clearly explained. Once again, thank you so much. We really appreciate it!”