The innovative program series, #keepyourprivatesprivate Primary, #keepyourprivatesprivate JR and
#keepyourprivatesprivate explore a variety of topics such as:


• cyberbullying
• real vs. fake
• online privacy
• passwords
• media balance
• peer & self-exploitation
• self-esteem

• respect for self & others
• consent
• hyper-connectivity
• internet crimes
• digital footprint
• healthy relationships


Although examined separately, these topics are often interwoven, resulting in a program that explores the ‘Internet of Everything’ concluding with resources and techniques to help youth deal with cyberbullying, predators, people asking them for intimate images or videos and self-awareness of negative online influences and/or pressures.

#KYPP programs examine age and gender-specific interests of youth, risks they face online and proactive strategies to help make their online experiences safer.

#keepsyourprivatesprivate program series is broken into 6 separate programs:

#KYPP Primary Males (children ages 6 – 10)
#KYPP Junior Males (children ages 10 – 12)
#KYPP Males (youth ages 12 and up)

#KYPP Primary Females (children ages 6 – 10)
#KYPP Junior Females (children ages 10 – 12)
#KYPP Females (youth ages 12 and up)

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