Whether it’s social media, mobile technology or the “Internet of Things,” connected technologies bring us enormous advantages, along with some challenges. Youth Diversion wants to help parents help their kids get the most from technology while managing the risks, encouraging both innovation and responsible use.

#parentingunplugged is a series of webinars and podcasts hosted by Youth Diversion that is using the beauty of technology to provide parents with unlimited access to expert advice.

The #parentingunplugged webinar series is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and WindsorEssex Community Foundation and The Solcz Family Foundation

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Social Media

This e-presentation focuses on the benefits, risks and impact of social media on children and youth. Youth Diversion’s Executive Director, Joanna Conrad, explores social media and it’s correlation to pornography, sexting, cyberbullying, human trafficking and other risks. Examining digital influences, digital concerns, and what it means to set a digital culture in the home, the e-presentation explores risks and the overarching importance of parents having open and honest conversations with their kids about digital safety.

Facts and Figures

17 cities from around the world downloaded 
#parentingunplugged content (webinars and podcasts) 

Breakdown of webinar views:
32.6% pornography 
15.8% predators 
28.4% digital footprint 
23.2% self-esteem 

Vaping is the most downloaded podcast 

Webinar 1 – Social Networking Risks with Sergeant Jeff Taylor, I.C.E  Unit, Windsor Police **NEW**

Webinar 2 – What’s the Big Deal Anyway? With Sergeant Jeff Taylor, I.C.E Unit, Windsor Police **NEW**

Webinar 3 – Video Game Addiction, Racism & a Hypersexualized Society **NEW**

Webinar 4 – Parental Controls Pt I with Kevin Cosgrove **NEW**

Webinar 5 – Parental Controls Pt II with Kevin Cosgrove **NEW***

YD Webinar – Social Media and Pornography

YD Webinar – Social Media and Predators

YD Webinar – Social Media and Self Esteem

YD Webinar – Social Media and Digital Footprint


Podcasts can also be found on Spotify, iTunes and iheartradio by searching #parentingunplugged

(Cyber) Bullying (Part 1 of 2)

Bullying affects the majority of Canadian children, at least once, throughout their childhood. For some kids, bullying is a daily reality. The effects of bullying are immediate and long-lasting, putting our children at risk for a number of physical, social and mental health problems. As parents, these risks should not be acceptable. Adult intervention stops bullying – it is our responsibility.
Listen to Part 1 of a two part series on Bullying with Steve Bellaire, Safe Schools Principal with the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board and Joanna Conrad, Executive Director of Youth Diversion. In the podcast, the Steve and Joanna discuss bullying, including risks for children who bully, those who are bullied, the school’s role and include their thoughts on some coping strategies.

(Cyber) Bullying (Part 2 of 2)

Parents are responsible for creating positive environments that promote children’s ability to create and maintain healthy relationships. By helping children develop the essential social skills to navigate peer conflicts and by minimizing opportunities for negative peer interactions, parents can help adjust the imbalance of power inherent in a bullying relationship.
Listen to Part 2 of a two part series on Bullying. Joanna Conrad, Executive Director of Youth Diversion is joined once more with Steve Bellaire, Safe Schools Principal with the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board. In this podcast, Steve and Joanna discuss bullying, including risks for children who bully, those who are bullied, the school’s role and finish up with our thoughts on some coping strategies.


In yet another twist for worried parents: learn about vooping, cloud chasing cold-boxing and vapourhood – i.e. vaping. Join Joanna Conrad, Executive Director of Youth Diversion and Staff Sergeant Jason Woods of the LaSalle Police Service as they discuss vaping devices, ready to deliver a puff of nicotine (or marijuana) anywhere, anytime, including in the classroom.


Often times parents avoid talking about addiction and substance abuse with their kids under the presumption that it won’t happen to their kid. Listen to Joanna Conrad, Executive Director of Youth Diversion and Mike Brown, Founder of Spiritual Soldiers, attempt to open the dialogue about mental health and addiction on a more personal level, discussing stigmas associated with substance abuse and discussing possible strategies for parents to use to have open dialogue about potential challenges their children may encounter and how to handle those situations should they arise to prevent them from making poor choices that may lead them down the path of addiction.
The Spiritual Soldiers have a coffee shop on 1015 Erie St East in addition to selling merchandise they’ve always sold as a social enterprise. The shop serves as a safe haven for those looking to get out and enjoy themselves in a clean, sober and supportive environment. It’s an opportunity to provide constant encouragement for those who need mental and/or emotional support.


Youth Diversion presents, your ‘frenemy’ – the internet and how to #keepyourprivatesprivate

Youth Diversion developed a series of six videos designed for youth to address the consequences of sharing inappropriate content and unhealthy digital ownership.

These smart, animated, engaging 15-second videos provide youth with a clear understanding of the consequences of sending nudes,(a.k.a. ‘sexting’), including personal and legal ramifications.

Six diverse characters lead the viewer on a journey through the thought process that youth endure while making the ultimate decision to send or not to send. While the videos are intended for youth, there is a lesson for all, young and old, to #keepyouprivatesprivate.

Video topics include:
1. Sexting has long term consequences
2. Post with respect
3. Personal boundaries
4. Think before you send
5. Educate your peers
6. Recognize the signs

Full Length

Videos in Segments

Sexting Has Long Term Consequences

Post With Respect 

Set Personal Boundaries

Think Before You Send

Educate Your Peers

Recognize the Signs