Our Organization


An accessible community leader positively impacting all youth.


To provide preventative services that are guided by the strengths and needs of youth.


We accomplish through:

•Positive reinforcement

The Essex County Diversion Program, commonly referred to as Youth Diversion (YD), has served thousands of young people across Windsor and Essex County since 1980 through effective community-based programs for youth.

Using a youth perspective and research-based information, Youth Diversion raises awareness about issues affecting youth on topics such as online safety, sexting, excessive gaming, and cyberbullying, encouraging youth to develop skills that promote and support a positive response to self, others and the community.

Youth Diversion is proud to offer a full range of programs necessary to promote the best outcomes possible for our community’s youth. The primary focus of our programs is for youth to develop self-respect, responsibility, and appropriate problem solving skills while empowering young people to create, maintain, and improve their upon their decision making in a positive way.

All programming consists of an assessment, case plan, family support and supervision for a designated period of time for youth ages 6 – 18.

Participants must attend all sessions in full, actively participate, complete assignments as well as complete a pre and post-test prior to successfully finishing programming. If a Police/Court referred participant fails to attend and participate as scheduled, the participant’s file will be returned to Police Services/Courts for further enforcement.

We strive in all aspects of our organization for excellence through competency and commitment to our youth and their families.