Youth Outreach Program


Let’s empower our youth to make better choices today for a healthier future tomorrow!

Most people find the teen years and the transition into young adulthood hard. Technology and exposure to various influences have only made that transition more difficult for many and starting at a younger age. Youth Diversion is here to help. Through the Youth Outreach Program, Youth Diversion focuses on helping young people build skills to meet educational, personal and social goals. Youth Diversion strives to find proactive solutions to support children and youth in navigating challenging situations they may encounter. Addressed areas are decision making skills, goal setting, communication, teamwork, peer pressure, ‘sexting’, respect, bullying, anger management, drug awareness, stealing and legal consequences.

Children and youth ages 6 – 18 are welcome to receive education and support to make positive life choices and gain a stronger awareness of the consequences to their actions before it becomes a problem. Youth Diversion programs give youth the tools they need to say no to peer pressure, stand up to bullying, gain higher self-worth and make better life choices.

Youth Diversion accepts community referrals from youth, parents, schools and community partners. Every program and service offered is open and available to any youth ages 6 – 18 in the Windsor/Essex County area.

Additionally, Youth Diversion staff will act as an advocate and connect youth with other programs and services in the Windsor/Essex County area. The goal is to provide children and youth with the most well rounded and appropriate services to meet their individual and unique needs.


Contact us at 519-253-3340 or at for more information or fill out a referral form now to get started.