Youth Diversion is committed to supporting youth exhibiting at-risk behaviours and encouraging them to reach their full potential. Our programs encourage youth to develop skills that promote a positive response to self, others and the community. We are focused on fostering values such as integrity, responsibility, commitment and caring for young people and their families in our community. We promote and encourage changed attitudes and behaviours by providing challenging, accommodating programs and services in a variety of inviting settings. We support youth who are experiencing difficulties at home, school or with the law.


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Mission and Vision


An accessible community leader positively impacting all youth.


To provide preventative services that are guided by the strengths and needs of youth.

We accomplish through:

  • Education
  • Encouragement
  • Positive reinforcement

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Information for Parents

Youth Diversion raises awareness about issues affecting youth such as bullying, substance abuse, unhealthy peer relationships and troublesome online behavior. Our goal is to help young people realize their full potential by promoting positive relationships with family, friends and members of the community. Using a youth perspective and research-based information to educate parents, Youth Diversion has resources on how to best handle difficult subject matters such as substance abuse, ‘sexting’ and stealing amongst youth.



It can be hard for young people to approach their parents about issues they’re facing and oftentimes, many adults are not always sure about the best way to talk to or approach youth about difficult subjects, which is why we outline some general guidelines to keep in mind. Access our website for helpful tools on addressing concerning behaviour with your son or daughter. Access our referral form to enroll your child in any of our programs.



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We are always looking for new volunteers. If you are looking to get involved, you can fill out our Volunteer Application form or contact us directly at info@essexcountydiversion.com.


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Information for Educators & Community Partners

In addition to accepting referrals from the Police and Courts, Youth Diversion also accepts referrals from the community, including but not limited to school officials, community agency partners and youth case workers. Educators and community partners alike can refer youth to a number of our programs if it is believed a youth is engaging in experimentation with drugs/alcohol, “sexting”, bullying or stealing. Additionally, Youth Diversions conducts presentations to schools on a range of topics as a means to raise awareness and education on subject matters relevant to youth. Contact a Youth Diversion designate to book a presentation today!