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Reporting Bullying Online-

Kids Help Line

A Guide For Parents

Bullying Resource for Parents

Bullying Resource for Teens

Teen Resources- You are not alone

Cyber Bullying

Bullying Support and Information

Windsor Police Resources

Parent Resources

Teen Resources


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Need more info? The following resources are useful:

What is sexting, signs, and prevention:

Is your child sexting? What you need to know:

Sexting- what’s a parent to do?

What Parents need to know?

The Dangers of Teen Sexting:

Legal Consequences of Sexting:

Local Resources:

Service(s) Agency Contact
Mentoring, Groups Big Brothers Big Sisters 519-945-6232 or
Goal Setting Embrace Your Life – Life Coaching 855- 332-6572 or 519-322-0397 and/or
Eating Disorders & Self Esteem Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association 519-969-2112 or
Life Skills Groups, Employment and Life Skills, Outreach New Beginnings – Youth Opportunities Strategy 519-254-2363 or
Counselling and Victim Assistance Internet and Child Exploitation Counselling Services (I.C.E) 519-255-6700 x 4879 or

Need more support?
Raising teenagers can be challenging but this task can be less stressful if parents don’t have to do it all on their own. Getting support in a Triple P Parenting Group can be very reassuring as well as provide positive strategies to help you promote your teenager’s development. In Triple P Seminar programs you’ll learn about things such as raising responsible teenagers, developing self-discipline, encouraging teenagers to be confident, being respectful and considerate and developing a healthy lifestyle among many others. For more information you can call Triple P Parenting at 519-254-5577 or check out their website: 74033


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Community Resources:

  • Essex County Diversion Program (519) 253-3340
  • Windsor Essex Community Health Centre (519) 253-8481
  • Windsor Regional Hospital (519) 257-5111 x76956
  • Brentwood Recovery Home (519) 253-2441
  • Speak to a School Counselor

Online Resources:


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“What To Do When Your Child Is Stealing”

“Sticky fingers: the cost of shoplifting”

Why is My Child Stealing and What Can I Do? Advice for Parents on Kids, Stealing and Shoplifting

The Empowering Parents website is a great resource to refer to when looking for guidance dealing with problem behaviours.

Please contact our Office if you believe your child could benefit from our L.O.S.S Program which stands for Lessons on Offender accountability Shoplifting and Stealing. The Program is a one-time session geared towards educating young people about the consequences of stealing on themselves, their families, the victim(s), and the community at large. The educational session is comprised of interactive discussions and video presentations aimed at deterring youth from stealing in the future.