Youth Diversion presents, your ‘frenemy’ – the internet and how to #keepyourprivatesprivate

Youth Diversion developed a series of six videos designed for youth to address the consequences of sharing inappropriate content and unhealthy digital ownership.

These smart, animated, engaging 15-second videos provide youth with a clear understanding of the consequences of sending nudes,(a.k.a. ‘sexting’), including personal and legal ramifications.

Six diverse characters lead the viewer on a journey through the thought process that youth endure while making the ultimate decision to send or not to send. While the videos are intended for youth, there is a lesson for all, young and old, to #keepyouprivatesprivate.

Video topics include:
1. Sexting has long term consequences
2. Post with respect
3. Personal boundaries
4. Think before you send
5. Educate your peers
6. Recognize the signs

Sexting Has Long Term Consequences

Post With Respect

Set Personal Boundaries

Think Before You Send

Educate Your Peers

Recognize The Signs