Youth Diversion Program is continually fueled by the initiative and dedication of volunteers across Windsor and Essex County. We know that one of our greatest strengths is our wonderful volunteers. Whether it is a one-time event volunteer or a committed weekly program volunteer – our volunteers make a difference in our community and in the lives of the youth they come into contact with. Volunteers make our programs and services possible, they share their voices on issues and they can make a positive impact in a young person’s life.

The people who volunteer for Youth Diversion are an exciting, dynamic and diverse group who share a willingness to contribute their time and talent to working with at-risk youth. How they contribute – and how much time they contribute – differs from person to person.

Please take a look at our wide variety of volunteering opportunities as we may have an opening of interest to you, whether you’re looking to make friends or build a resume, there is a place for almost everyone at the Youth Diversion Program.

Join Our Team!!

Volunteers must be 19 years of age and are required to undergo a criminal background check and provide two references. All volunteers are required to attend an interview, orientation and a training session before dedicating their time.

In addition to volunteers, Youth Diversion is dedicated to providing post-secondary students an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge working with youth in a variety of settings, network and gain professional experience towards fulfilling their post-secondary program requirements.

If you are looking to get involved, you can fill out our Online Volunteer Application form, download our Digital Volunteer Application form, or contact us directly at info@essexcountydiversion.com.


The Essex County Diversion program is seeking to gain volunteers for a fundraising committee. These are volunteers who are committed to seeking out donations, gift raffle prizes, organizing and hosting events, selling event tickets and applying for grants. We accept volunteers in this position who are versatile, organized, creative, personable, and comfortable with networking, marketing and promotion. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to gain more experience working with a not-for-profit agency and expanding their skill set.

Rebound Life Choices Lead and/or Table Coach

The Essex County Diversion Program is currently seeking responsible, committed, and community driven individuals who are interested in being a positive and supportive role-model for youth enrolled in the Rebound Life Choices Program. Volunteers can occupy the role of “Lead Coach” or “Table Coach”. Lead Coaches are responsible for facilitating the lesson plan each week and providing the youth with a positive, friendly, and trusting atmosphere conducive to their overall personal growth and development. Table Coaches work directly with the youth and empower and motivate them to set goals, make informed decisions, and learn constructive tools to deal with life challenges. Overall, volunteers are integral to providing a safe and friendly atmosphere, which allows youth to explore positive lifestyle alternatives, examine their behaviour, and identify their strengths. Volunteers will acquire invaluable personal and professional growth for future employment endeavours, obtain new skills, develop community contacts, and receive self-fulfillment by giving back to the community. All prospective volunteers will be required to undergo a volunteer interview, attend a training/orientation workshop, and submit a Criminal Record Check/Vulnerable Sector Check. All interested candidates are encouraged to forward their resume and cover letter to the Program Coordinator at programs@essexcountydiversion.com or (519) 253-3340 ext. 223.

Intake Worker

The Essex County Diversion Program is also seeking mature, committed and non-judgmental, individuals to occupy the position of Intake Worker. The Intake Worker is responsible for conducting interviews with youth and/or parental guardians by using a Risk Needs Assessment Questionnaire. This assessment will be subsequently utilized by the Case Manager to assess the young person’s individualized needs to develop and implement a Case Management Plan. This opportunity will provide volunteers with hands-on practical experience working with youth, familiarity with various evaluation tools, and invaluable personal and professional growth. All interested candidates will be required to attend an orientation workshop and submit a Criminal Record Check/ Vulnerable Sector Check. All interested applicants are encouraged to forward their resume and cover letter to the Intake Worker at programs@essexcountydiversion.com or (519) 253-3340 ext. 223.

Youth Justice Committee Volunteer


The Youth Justice Committee Program is a community-based program that is always looking for dedicated volunteers. Primary responsibilities include planning, organizing and participating in youth justice circles. It includes participation of those who have been harmed, those who harmed and community members to provide an opportunity for healing and reparation for individuals and communities. Volunteers serve as an impartial community member during the one time mediation between all parties involved. Volunteers will act under the supervision the Youth Justice Committee Coordinator. A police clearance and Ministry of Attorney General Facilitator training is necessary for all successful applicants. All applicants interested please forward your resume to the attention of Youth Justice Committee Coordinator at yjcprogram@essexcountydiversion.com or (519) 253-3340 ext. 224

Benefits to volunteering:

Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community. Whether it is important to you to solve a community problem, advance a worthy cause or to develop as a person, volunteering offers many benefits in appreciation for the gift of your time and expertise.

Some reasons to volunteer are: to learn or develop a new skill; make important networking contacts; be part of your community; motivation and sense of achievement; enhance your resume; gain work experience; make a difference in someone’s life; new interests and hobbies; new experiences; and meeting a diverse range of people.


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