Substance Abuse Program


The Substance Abuse Program utilizes a comprehensive cognitive-behavioral treatment model and motivational interviewing techniques. The ultimate goal of the program is harm reduction. The one hour individualized sessions are conducted once a week. The program is tailored to the individual needs of each youth which is determined during an initial intake assessment. As such, the duration of the program can range from two to twelve weeks depending on whether they have been identified as a low, moderate or high risk. Supplementary sessions and/or follow up care may be added to accommodate the youth’s needs.

Topics can include: drug education, exploring underlying areas of vulnerability, addressing denial, resistance and other defenses, raising awareness of consequences of one’s own behavior, building motivation to make personal changes, identifying triggers, links to anger, anxiety and fear, problems with authority, relapse prevention, becoming a stronger person, coping skills for relapse prevention, healthy relationships and healthy boundaries, as well as instilling safety nets for the future.