Digital Driver’s E-Presentation Series

#KYPP • More Coming Soon!

#KYPP (#keepyourprivatesprivate)

(Recommended for ages 12 and up)

Abstinence from the Internet is not an option but we can educate youth to practice safe social media. By understanding how young people use the Internet, the risks they face and the strategies to manage those risks, we can help enable youth to safely navigate their digital lives.

Youth Diversion has modified its school presentation into an e-series to deliver timely topics digitally.
Topics covered in the #KYPP e-presentation are: media balance, sexting, healthy vs unhealthy relationships, respect, consent and digital footprint.

Supplementary Curriculum

Use YD’s optional interactive lessons and activities to address topics discussed in the #KYPP e-presentation and prepare youth to take ownership of their digital lives.

Risky Online Relationships 

(Recommended for ages 12 – 15)

Online conversations can be awkward and sometimes even risky – with downsides ranging from simple misunderstandings to manipulation or inappropriate messages. Help young people navigate and avoid these situations before they go too far.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the types of messages that might cause a red flag feeling for someone.
  • Use the Feelings & Options thinking routine to analyze and respond to a situation involving a red flag feeling.

Digital Footprint

(Recommended for ages 15 and up)

Our digital footprints can have a powerful impact on our future. This can be a scary thought, given that what’s in our digital footprint isn’t always in our control. Teach students that digital footprints are an opportunity to showcase their best selves and craft a footprint that leads to future success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn that one’s public presence online is called a digital footprint.
  • Recognize that any information posted online can help or hurt future opportunities (college admission, employment, etc.).
  • Create a vignette that shows how a positive digital footprint can help someone take advantage of an opportunity.

The E-Digital Driver’s Ed Series is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and WindsorEssex Community Foundation.